Black Patti (GER)

Roots music between Delta Blues and Spirituals
31. Jul 2022, 16:15 Trödelmarkt

Two-part, handmade and uncensored, that’s how Southern German duo, Black Patti, in their songs tell stories written by life. In their music, Blues and Rock musicians, Peter Crow C. and Ferdinand „Jelly Roll“ Kraemer, bank on country styles as they were created in the USA before World War II. They present their audiences with intricately artful and moving Roots music somewhere between darkest Delta Blues, swinging Ragtime and soulful Spiritual. And this also pleases audiences in the USA. Enthusiastic about their music, world-famous illustrator and founding father of the underground- comix scene, Robert Crumb, has just designed the cover for Black Patti’s new album, “Satan’s Funeral”.